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ZGY-IIDrying Tester for Ink

Drying Tester for Ink

Product Number: ZGY-II


Product Origin: China

Purchasing Heat:4455


ZGY Drying Tester for Ink produced by our company is in accordance with QB562 (Test Method for Ink Drying Time), it provides a method to test ink drying time.

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Product Details

Ⅰ. General & Safety instructions and warnings:

Automatic drying tester (ink drying tester) provides a method to measure the drying time of offset printing ink. The standard defines the drying time of offset printing ink as follows: "The drying time of the ink is expressed in hours, and the test is carried out under the condition of comparing the standard sample with the sample under a certain pressure." In addition, it is also useful to cover another coated paper after the coated paper has been proofed by the printability tester, and then do the drying test on the automatic drying tester. The drying time of ink can be obtained by converting the number of stained strips.

ZGY-II automatic drying tester uses color screen to display relevant test parameters. Standard scraping sample, test scraping sample and covered sulfuric acid paper for comparison are fixed on the circular drum of automatic drying tester with adhesive tape, and the circular drum rotates slowly at the set rotation speed, and the pressure wheel presses over the sulfuric acid paper and moves slowly along the axial direction of the circular drum at a constant ratio. The drying time of ink can be obtained by counting the number of sticky stripes on sulfuric acid paper multiplied by the number of minutes per revolution.




Ⅱ. Main Technical Parameters: 



Test timing


Press wheel assembly weight


Additional counterweight


Press wheel moving interval


Circular drum timing total number of laps


Overall dimensions (L* W* H)


Use an external power supply

Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz output DC24V



Ⅲ. Operating Instruction:

The instrument adopts color screen display and three metal buttons operation, and the current function and operation tips of the left, middle and right buttons are displayed at the bottom of the color screen.

When in use, turn on the power switch at the back of the instrument, and the instrument initializes and displays the boot screen.

According to the estimated ink drying time, use the middle button "Set" to select the appropriate "Test Timing" (usually 20h). "Time Scale" will display the number of minutes per revolution corresponding to the test timing (for example, the time scale of 20h test timing is 10min/r).

Scrape that uniformly mixed ink standard sample and the sample side by side into a scrape sample with a length of about 30cm; Press the left key "Timing" to start the test time and compensation timing (this step can be skipped if compensation timing is not needed); Then wrap the scraped sulfuric acid paper on the circular drum of the automatic drying tester and fix it with adhesive tape.

Move the pressure wheel to the right of the screw and press it on the scraping sample covered with sulfuric acid paper; Press the right button "Run" to start the rotation of the circular drum (compensation timing will automatically stop), and the pressure wheel will start to scratch.

During operation, you can press the right button to "pause" to pause the rotation of the circular drum (the compensation timing will automatically restart), so as to observe the scratches; Then right-click "Run" to resume the rotation of the circular drum (compensation timing will automatically stop).

When the "test time" reaches the "set timing", the instrument will automatically stop running and freeze the display. You can also press the right button "Pause" to stop the operation of the circular drum after observing that the pressure wheel is no longer marked with stain marks, and then press the left button "Restart" immediately to freeze the display of "Compensation Timing".

Take off the sulfuric acid paper to check the ink mark interval, multiply it by the time per revolution plus compensation timing, which is the ink drying time. Find out the drying time difference between the sample and the standard sample, and evaluate whether it is appropriate.

Ink drying time = ink mark interval × time scale (minutes per revolution)+compensation timing

Ⅳ. Use of precautions:

The instrument should be placed away from strong magnetic field, strong electric field and strong electromagnetic pulse interference.

When the puck touches the limit switch on the left, the instrument will automatically stop the motor and start the compensation timing.

The test of covering sulfuric acid paper usually uses 100g additional counterweight; The test of coated paper usually uses 500g additional counterweight (to be ordered separately). If you need other weights, you can also order them separately.


After turning off the power switch at the back of the instrument, please wait for 10 seconds before turning it back on, otherwise the display will be disordered. If display disorder happens occasionally during use, please turn off the power supply and wait for 10 seconds before restarting.

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Ⅵ. Configuration list:










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Drying Tester for Ink


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