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HY-VWood Scratch Tester

Wood Scratch Tester

Product Number: HY-V


Product Origin: China

Purchasing Heat:2805

Standard: GB/T 15102,GB/T 17657,GB/T 18102

HY-V(Wood)Scratch Tester produced by our company is accordance with specification of National Standard GB/T 15102-94《Surface decorated wood-based pands with paper impregnated thermosetting resins》and GB/T 15657-1999《Test Method of physical and chemical performance for Hard board and finished hard b

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Product Details

Ⅰ. Introduction:

The scratch tester is used to determine the scratch resistance of hard hoard and finished hard board. The machine adopts gear reducer with larger velocity ration and output torque so as to ensure revolution of the turntable is constant under different measuring load. This will produce more accurate result.


Ⅱ. Princile Of Operation:

Pressure is applied to the diamond scriber by lever principle to scribe the rotating sample to produce surface scratches. The minimum pressure required to produce a full circle of continuous scratches on the surface indicates the scratch resistance of the product.

Ⅲ. Main Technical Parameters:







Rotary turntable revolution


Test panel dimensions






220V  AC 50Hz

Overall Size


Packing size




Gross weight


Ⅳ. Operation Summary:

1. Place the instrument on a stable and flat workbench and turn on the power supply.
2. Mount the ruler on the ruler slide bar, and the circle drawing position can be determined by the scribed lines on the ruler slide bar. Please pull out the ruler brace and put the ruler aside before scribing, so as to avoid contact between the diamond scribing needle and the sample turntable.
3. Fix the sample (see "Main Technical Parameters") with the specified size on the sample turntable. For samples with a thickness less than 5mm, a "thin test plate pad" should be added.
4. Adjust the travel code on the scale to the required position (the side indicated by the arrow on the travel code is aligned with the scale scribe line). Put down the ruler and make the diamond stylus contact with the sample. Adjust the height of the ruler so that the horizontal bubble on the walking code is in a horizontal state. Tighten the locking screws everywhere.
5. Press the start button (hold it for 2 seconds and then release it), and the sample turntable will automatically stop after rotating for one week to complete the circle drawing.
6. Observe the scratches on the surface of the sample, re-determine the position of the wandering code and circle it until the whole test is completed.
7, after the completion of the test, disconnect the power supply, and timely cleaning and maintenance of the instrument.
8. Detailed steps and criteria for testing. Please refer to the relevant regulations of different products by yourself, which is beyond the scope of this manual.

Ⅴ. Ordering Information:




Wood Scratch Tester 

Ⅵ. Documents: 

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