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XD-1JHXF-A1Purification adsorption chamber

Purification adsorption chamber

Product Number: XD-1JHXF-A1


Product Origin: China

Purchasing Heat:715

Standard: ISO 15528:2000

The control adopts PLC+ touch-screen intelligent control (one-button operation mode) scheme management, friendly man-machine exchange interface, reasonable ergonomic design of operation position, real-time monitoring and data storage of temperature/humidity and various parameters during operation.

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Product Details

 Ⅰ. Function overview:

The purification coating adsorption environmental test chamber is hereinafter referred to as the test chamber, which meets the test process of the standard JC/T1074-2021 "Indoor Air Purification Function Coating Material Purification Performance" climatic environment testing standard, such as: preparation temperature, humidity, background cleanliness , Desorption of pollutants in the cabin, closed-loop circulation between the gas generator and the cabin, illumination, sample placement angle, etc.
The equipment can truly simulate the climatic conditions in the indoor environment, and meet the space environment characteristics of the adsorption and purification of air pollutants by coatings with adsorption and purification functions.

  • Determine the influence of the sample material on the adsorption amount and adsorption characteristics of formaldehyde (toluene) in the air in the process of environmental variables
  • Classify the material according to the adsorption characteristics of the sample material to formaldehyde (toluene)
  • The data of the sample materials in the process of research and development and testing, the verification of the air quality characteristics after the adsorption of formaldehyde (toluene) in the indoor air
  • Evaluation of the sustainable time and efficiency attenuation of the sample material after adsorption of formaldehyde (toluene) in the natural environment
  • Prediction and assessment of indoor air quality based on analysis and prediction of test data




The control adopts the intelligent control (one-key operation mode) scheme management of PLC+touch screen man-machine interface, the man-machine exchange interface is friendly, the ergonomic design of the operating position is reasonable, and the temperature/humidity and various parameters during the operation are monitored and stored in real time. The historical data and historical curve of the parameters of each point in the test process can be queried and viewed in real time, and can also be downloaded and saved to a computer through a mobile storage device for data analysis and viewing and archiving.
The design of the thermal system is reasonable, and the balance heat source adopts the compression heat of the refrigeration system for heat exchange, which reduces the heat exchange load of the electric and heat balance, with stable performance and economical and energy-saving operation. In the cabin, our unique cold-wall radiation heat transfer method is used for heat exchange, which is superior to the traditional circulating air duct plus aluminum fin air circulation heat exchange, reducing the flow surface of the air duct and heat exchange fins, which is convenient for the cabin. background clean desorption
The refrigeration unit adopts imported fully enclosed compressor, and the cooling method adopts air cooling, which has low operating noise and high reliability. It is easy to install and debug on site.


Ⅱ. Fulfill the standard:

JC/T1074-2021Purificatory performance of coatings with air purification

Suitable for normative references and standards:

GB/T 3186  Paints,varnishes and raw materials for paints and varnishes - Sampling (dt ISO 15528:2000)
GB/T 9271—2008  Paints and varnishesStandard panels for testing
GB/T 16129  Standard method for hygienic examination of formaldehyde in air of residential areas--Spectrophoto-metric method  GB/T 18883  Indoor air quality standard 

Ⅲ. Main Technical Parameters: 



structure size

        External dimensionsW935×D1780×H1720mm              Cabin sizeW800×H1250×D1000  volume1±0.02m³

Temperature control range


Humidity control range

35%70%R.Hat +20+40℃)

Temperature fluctuation


Temperature uniformity


Temperature deviation


Humidity fluctuation


Humidity deviation


Stirring fan

Multi-blade axial fan, adjustable speed > 5r/s

The gas generator

The gas flow is adjustable from 3L/min to 4L/min, the vaporization temperature of the reagent vessel is 50°C to 60°C, and the volume of the generating chamber is 100cm³

UV light source

Group 1, the arithmetic mean of the irradiance at the center of each sample is not less than 5060μw/cm

visible light source

The arithmetic mean of the illuminance of a group of LED light sources at the center of each sample is not less than 1000~1200Lx


Test cabin60db (A sound level)

Background formaldehyde toluene mass concentration


Factory settings

Cabin temperature/humidity 23/50%RH, air replacement rate 1 time/h, cabin air pressure 10Pa

Equipment requirements

Power supply

 Power supply   AC220V   φ150Hz

 Maximum load capacity 3.2KW

  Maximum current   15A

  Power switch capacity 20A

Water supply

Please use pure water or distilled water, conductivity 10us/cm

Condensate drain

Drain pipe diameter DN25,

Inclination angle > 5°, the height drop below the drain outlet is not less than 5cm

Move-in conditions

components of this laboratory,

When parts are moved in,

Please meet the conditions on the right

Pathway and door height: 2000mm or more

Pathway and door width: 2000mm or more

When using an elevator; in addition to the above dimensions, the following requirements must also be met

Depth: more than 3000mm; load capacity: more than 1000Kg

If you cannot meet the above conditions, please be sure to contact our company in advance.


Ⅳ. Configuration list:





Electrical schematic diagram







Ⅴ. Ordering Information: 




Purification Adsorption Chamber


Formaldehyde generator

. Documents:

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