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FQYSalt Fog Cabinets

Salt Fog Cabinets

Product Number: FQY


Product Origin: China

Purchasing Heat:3073

Standard: GB/T 10587,GB/T1771,GB/T31588,GB/T2423.17,GB/T2423.18,GB/T2423.3,GB/T5170.8,GB/T10125,GB/T10587,GB/T10593.2,GB/T12000,GB/T20853,GB/T20854,GB/T 24195,ISO 9227,ISO 11997,ISO 16701,ISO 16701,ISO 14993,ISO 16151,IEC 6008

This equipment is salt fog corrosion test unit of simulating ocean climate condition. It does salt fog corrosion test for coating of paint、cladding of manufactured product、electro technical equipment、electronic component、metallic

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Product Details

Ⅰ. Introduction:

This equipment is salt fog corrosion test unit of simulating ocean climate condition. It does salt fog corrosion test for coating of paint、cladding of manufactured product、electro technical equipment、electronic component、metallic material, etc.
Use this equipment according to National Standard GB2423.17《Basic Circumstance Test Regulations of Electric & Electronic Products Test ka: Salt Spray Test Method》and IEC68-2-11《Second Part of Test Rules under Basic Environment: Test、Test ka: Salt Fog》and ISO9227《Artificial Simulating Weathering Corrosion Test-Salt Spray Test》to do salt spray test.
This equipment designed and manufactured by our company is in accordance with the specification of National Standard GB10587《Technical Condition of Salt Spray Testing Chamber》. Unless through rigid professional demonstration and rigid safe test, this unit isn’t suitable for doing test of non-routine project.











Ⅱ.  Main Technical Parameters: 


Salt Fog CabinetsFRP material / Titanium plate material





Internal Dimension 




External Dimension 




Volume (L)




Brine consumption



Saturated barrel heating water consumption



Cover opening method




Room Temperature -60℃







Spray Frequency

Continuous, weekly schedule






Packing size(mm)




Ⅲ.Detailed Specification:

The FQY series Salt Fog Chamber adapts an airflow spray structure, with build-in spray tower  to perform the test (depending on the test volume, one or more spray tower can be installed). The high-pressure air generates a high-speed airflow, and the nozzle generates a fine fog by spraying the mixture of the compressed air and the test solution. The salt spray condensates continuously on the surfaces of the test specimens and causes corrosion depending on the resistance of the coatings

 (1)Box body part

The inside and outside of the salt spray test box are made of imported glass fiber reinforced plastic integrally molded, which has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, high strength, no leakage, smooth surface, and easy cleaning.

The water-sealed form prevents the salt spray from overflowing, and the bottom is a heating device, which adopts the heating method of the air clip channel, so that the working chamber has a fast temperature rise, high temperature uniformity, good stability, and accurate accuracy.

The top cover of the salt spray box is molded from imported plastic plates, and is designed to have the best apex angle of 120 degrees, so that the condensed water in the box does not directly drip on the test product.

The spray method adopts tower spray or wall-mounted spray tower spray. The tower spray tower is placed at the bottom center of the studio, and the wall-mounted spray tower is hung on the upper right side of the studio. The spray material is made of quartz glass, and the sprayed mist particles are small and crystal-free, and the salt mist is naturally settled and distributed evenly.

The control system of the test box is placed on the upper right of the box, which is convenient for users to operate.


The Internal

Spray tower or (baffle type): The built-in glass nozzle is placed inside the nozzle, and the spray is guided by the tower tube and then dispersed evenly through the cone or (baffle) into the test box.

Spray regulator: adjust the size of the spray volume, raise the cone diffuser or (baffle) on the spray tower to increase the spray volume, lower it to reduce the spray volume. The salt water preheating tank is located at the bottom of the spray tower. This tank is salt water It is injected into the preheating tank through the salt water replenishment tank. The water level of the preheating tank is controlled by a floating ball, which can automatically control the water level. There is a cleaning drain at the bottom of the tank, which is controlled by a silica gel plug.

Collector: The amount of mist sprayed by the nozzle is in a 80cm² funnel cup in a free-fall manner, and then flows into the measuring cup through a duct.

Shelf: This shelf is made of plastic steel, so the weight of the concentrated point should not exceed 2Kg. If it is distributed, it can withstand less than 10Kg. There are two rows of holes on both sides of the shelf. The shelf is placed on a vertical surface. Used for angles of 30 degrees and 30 degrees.

(2)The External

Mist collector: collect the spray volume of each test, each time 50ml is a high scale.

Isolate the water tank: use the principle of water sealing to avoid leakage of salt spray.

Saturated air barrel: placed at the bottom of the control box, made of thickened transparent acrylic + aluminum alloy bottom plate. The function is that the air is heated and humidified by the barrel, so that the air reaches the saturation humidity and sprays through the nozzle. The transparent saturated bucket can easily observe the water level and water quality of the saturated bucket.

Test cover: a roof-type see-through cover with an oblique angle of 120 degrees, which is used to cover the top of the test box as a body.

Pressure regulating valve: Manually adjust the inlet pressure and spray pressure. The inlet pressure is controlled at 0.4mPa; the spray pressure is controlled at 0.07~0.17mPa. (The above pressure has been adjusted before leaving the factory, under normal circumstances, the user does not need to adjust).

Pressure gauge: The pressure displayed by the pointer of the pressure gauge is the humidification of the air-saturated air barrel and conveys the pressure reached by the nozzle.

Exhaust pipe: 1/2-caliber pipeline, which connects the drainage pipe to the drainage ditch, so that waste water can be discharged therefrom.

(3) Control system

It adopts PLC+touch screen control mode. The relevant parameters can be set conveniently and quickly on the touch screen.

Check the temperature of the salt spray tank and the saturated tank in real time.

Saturation tank heating: It is necessary to ensure that the water level in the saturation tank is higher than the low water level, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.

Power switch: Delixi switch, which controls the total power supply of the whole machine.

(4) Pneumatic system
essure gauge, oil moisture filter, solenoid valve, spray generator and pipeline. The function of the system is to continuously supplying the needed pressure and clean air that is required for the test. After the air is compressed again, using oil-water separation, filtration, pressure regulation, and the saturator heating, the nozzle pressure is always maintained in a stable state, ensuring a smooth salt spray test.

It is composed of air compressor, pressure regulating valve, pressure gauge, oil and water filter, solenoid valve, spray generating device and pipeline. The function of the air source system is to continuously supply the pressure and clean air required for spraying in the test chamber. After the ambient air is compressed to form a high pressure, it is separated from oil and water, filtered, adjusted in pressure, and enters the air saturator for preheating. The nozzle is connected to the nozzle through the secondary pressure reducing valve, so that the nozzle pressure is always kept in a stable state, ensuring the smooth progress of the salt spray test.

(5) Salt replenishment system and spray mechanism

This is a combine structure of a salt water tank, a high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant silicone tube, and a spray tower. The high pressure airflow creates a negative pressure through the nozzle, forming a siphoning action to draw the salt solution from the tank and generate the spray from the spray tower.


Ⅳ. Ordering Information:





( FRP material ) 




Cyclic Corrosion Testers  ( Titanium plate material )

Ⅴ. Documents:  

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