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RH-ⅡDigital Emulsification Tester

Digital Emulsification Tester

Product Number: RH-Ⅱ


Product Origin: China

Purchasing Heat:3029

Standard: ASTM D4942

RH-Ⅱ Digital Emulsification Tester is matching for ASTM D 4942, it is a special equipment for quick testing water demand of offset printing ink and vehicle.

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Product Details

Ⅰ. Introduction:

RH-Ⅱ Digital Emulsification Tester is matching for ASTM D 4942, it is a special equipment for quick testing water demand of offset printing ink and vehicle. The machine adopts double frame-type planetary stirring way. The shear force and disperse decrease the particle size (not mutual solvent liquid) into desired fineness. The products remain flowable so as to get homogenous emulsifying state. The machine adopts programmable control, liquid crystal screen display running parameters & operating mode. It features simple structure、reliable performance、flexible operation. If a customer has a special demand for revolution of stirring paddle, the instrument can be customized by modifying programmable parameters according to order. 



Ⅱ. Main Technical Parameters: 



Stirring speed


Contalner speed


Electrical Source

220V 50Hz

Overall Dimension


Packing size




Gross weight


Ⅲ. Operating Procedure:

(1)Put the instrument on the flat、stable platform, plug in, turn on the power switch which is on the back & next to socket, liquid crystal screen displays initialization information.
(2)A stirring paddle can be lifted up so as to easily replace it and easily take down a container & put it on. When stirring paddle is revolving, if not cautiously lifting it up, the instrument will automatically stop running; After replacing, if need resume running, push “Run” again.
(3)When dissambling stirring paddle, first moving down knurled sleeve of stirring paddle’s handle, then moving down stirring paddle. When installing a stirring paddle, please pay attention to notch which is on the stirring shaft and in the middle of hole of stirring paddle’s handle. First, first moving down knurled sleeve of stirring paddle’s handle, insert stirring paddle’s handle into stirring shaft, swing slightly so as to face notch position and resume knurled sleeve to original position.
(4)Before turn on the instrument, make sure that a stirring paddle has been correctly set up in position and a stirring paddle doesn’t touch a container. After turn on the instrument, a stirring paddle & a container simultaneously start revolving until reaching setting number, the instrument automatically stop running. 
(5)After finishing running, the instrument have to be cleaned up, turn off the power switch which is on the back & next to socket.

2. Operation for Control Panel:
(1) When switch-on, buzzer makes ticking sound, it shows that self-checking of the instrument is normal.
(2) Then liquid crystal screen displays initialization information.
(3) When liquid crystal screen enters into operating interface display, showing the following information:
“Run Speed: 90 r/min”
“Set Cycle:   ”
“Run Cycle:     0000”
“Frequency:       00”
(4) The instrument gives tacit consent to 90 r/min. If changing speed, push “Speed”, speed can be loop-switched among 100、150、90.
(5) Switch-on the instrument, first running cycle should be setted. Slightly push number key which is on the keyboard so as to set running cycle. Inputted “Set Cycle” must be four digit, not enough four digit, fill up “0” in front. If need running cycle 500, “0500” should be inputted. If found inputting incorrectly, push “Reset” to cancel current inputting.
(6) If inputting “Set Cycle”, push “Run” to switch-on operation. Stirring paddle rotates per cycle, “Run Cycle” automatically add 1. When “Run Cycle” reaches “Set Cycle”, the instrument automatically stop running, buzzer makes ticking sound, at the same time “Frequency” automatically add 1, clear “Run Cycle” to get ready for next counting.
(7) If push “Stop” during operation, the instrument immediately stop running, but reserve the number of “Set Cycle”、“ Run Cycle” and “Frequency”. If continuously running, push “Run”, the instrument resume running until reaching setting cycle.
Push “Clear”、“ Renew”, separately eliminate the number of “Run Cycle”、“ Frequency”.

 (1) The machine is used for chemical material process, safety and health protective step must be set up in accordance with all local codes and ordinances. Before using this machine, safety problem associated with chemical material must be established by user, not belonging to explanation of this Instruction Manual
 (2) Our company reserves the right to make changes without notice at any time.

Ⅳ. Operation video:


Ⅴ . Configuration list:





Container (stainless steel cup) (installed randomly)


Stirring paddle (installed randomly)


Power cord









Ⅵ.  Ordering Information:




Digital Emulsification Tester

Ⅶ. Documents: 


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