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PN-ⅡParallel Plate Viscometer

Parallel Plate Viscometer

Product Number: PN-Ⅱ


Product Origin: China

Purchasing Heat:1588


Parallel Plate Viscometer is applicable to test ink flow characteristics. Its principle is ink flow between two parallel plates.

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Product Details

Ⅰ. Introduction:

Parallel Plate Viscometer is applicable to test ink flow characteristics. Its principle is ink flow between two parallel plates.
Put certain quantity of ink(0.5 cm3)between two plates, horizontally put upper plate(115 grams, made of transparent materials) on the fixed height, free fall and press on the ink. After ink dropped and pressed, it will start to spread out. Measure spreading diameter of ink under different time until reaching maximum diameter. The value of abscissa expresses log t, the value of ordinate expresses diameter D,get the characteristics curve of the ink flow characteristic. The lower plate with many different diameter of circles, can observe and record the ink spreading. Usually read ink edge position at 10sec., 60 and 100 sec.,- circles, maximum diameter where ink no longer spread out Spreadometer can measure four parameters of ink , that is, apparent viscosity, yield strss, slope and intercept. 
1.apparent viscosity
Where:η— apparent viscosity(Pa·s)
             t —  testing time (s)
            r — spreading radius at t(s)(cm)
            s — spreading diameter at 100s minus spreading diameter at 10s is slope of characteristic curve.
2. Yield value
Ink’s pressure between two parallel plates of viscometer is getting smaller and smaller, because weight of upper plate is fixed, compressed area - diameter of ink is getting bigger and bigger, that is, force on per unit area’s ink is getting smaller and smaller as the diameter is getting bigger and bigger. When shearing stress decreasing to the yield stress of ink, diameter of ink is not expanded, this diameter is the maximum diameter. This shows that yield stress of ink is function of maximum diameter measured by Spreadometer. The value of the yield stress can be achieved by rheological theory formula.
Where:S0 — Yield stress(n/mm2
         dm — Maximum spreading diameter (cm)
But it usually doesn't calculate its value,the largest diameter dm represents Yield value, also regarding spreading diameter at 30min. represents the largest diameter.
2. Slope and Intercept
Slope is characteristic parameter representing ink’s silking “long,short”. More slope, longer ink’s silking, otherwise shorter ink’s silking. Intercept relates with concentration of ink, the bigger the intercept, the thinner (softer) the ink, otherwise the thicker (harder) the ink.
Linear relation exists in spreading diameter of ink and log t. Formula for slope and intercept
Where: s— slope
           I— intercept(mm)
          d10— spreading diameter of ink at 10sec(mm)
         d100—spreading diameter of ink at 100sec(mm)
        spreading diameterd60 at 60s  called yield point value.


Ⅱ. Maintenance:

After testing, this instrument must be cleaned and put it well into a box, not knocking against something hard. This instrument should be set up, the upper plate (plexiglass plate) should be put on the lower plate so as to avoid deformation. Replace the upper plate if it is not level or underweight(115g±2g). 

Ⅲ.Main Technical Parameters:



Weight of parallel plate


Volume of plston cylinder


Oveall dimension


Ⅳ.Operation video:

Ⅴ.Ordering Information: 




Parallel Plate Viscometer

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