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XD-1JQ-A1-P1m3 Formaldehyde Release Chamber(Quick Desorption)

1m3 Formaldehyde Release Chamber(Quick Desorption)

Product Number: XD-1JQ-A1-P


Product Origin: SHANGHAI

Purchasing Heat:803

Standard: GB 18580

Test Chamber can simulate real environment parameters, such as temperature, relative humidity, air change rate, air flow, etc. Through analyzing test data, it can measure emission rate of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and its release characteristics impact on the environment.

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Product Details

Ⅰ.Function overview:

Test Chamber can simulate real environment parameters, such as temperature, relative humidity, air change rate, air flow, etc. Through analyzing test data, it can measure emission rate of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and its release characteristics impact on the environment, this can: 

  • Determine the effects of environmental variables on emission rate and release characteristics of VOC.
  • The grades of materials are determined according to the VOC emission characteristics of the sample materials.
  • R & D of sample materials and verification of indoor air pollution characteristics from VOC emission. 
  • Emission rate of VOC in sample experiences time decay in natural environment. 
  • Assessment of indoor air quality is predicted based on test data analysis.







II.Meets standards:

ASTM D 5116-97
Standard Guide for Small-Scale Environmental Chamber Determinations of Organic Emissions from Indoor Materials/Products (Withdrawn)
ASTM D 6007-02
 Standard Test Method for Determining Formaldehyde Concentration in Air from Wood Products Using a Small Scale Chamber
ASTM D 6330-98
Standard Practice for Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds (Excluding Formaldehyde) Emissions from Wood-Based Panels Using  Small Environmental Chambers Under Defined Test Conditions
ASTM D 6670-01
 Standard Practice for Full-Scale Chamber Determination of Volatile Organic Emissions from Indoor Materials/Products
ASTM D 6803-02
Standard Practice for Testing and Sampling of Volatile Organic Compounds (Including Carbonyl Compounds) Emitted from Paint Using  Small Environmental Chambers
EN 717-1 2004
Wood-Based Panels - Determination Of Formaldehyde Release - Part 1: Formaldehyde Emission By The Chamber Method
ENV 13419-1 
ISO 12460-1.2007
specifies a 1 m3 chamber method for the determination of the formaldehyde emission from wood-based panels under defined conditions,  relating to typical conditions in real-life.
ISO 16000-9-2006
Indoor air -Part 9: Determination of the emission of volatile organic compounds from building products and furnishing - Emissiont test chamber method 

III.Main Technical Parameters: 



Volume of operating chamber

Interior Dimension 1±0.02 m3;W960mm×H1050mm×D1000 mm

Overall dimension

W1560mm×H1160mm×D1810mm (约)



Temperature Range+20℃~+35℃;

Humidity Range:40%~60% RH;

Instrument resolution



Temperature fluctuations


Temperature uniformity


Humidity fluctuation


Wind speed in the operating chamber

The wind speed of the geometric center point in the operating chamber is 0.1-0.5m /s.(the wind speed can be adjusted);

Air change rate

0.5~2Time/hour (adjustable);

Purge air flow adjustment range should be above than 0.25 ~ 2.5m3/h;

Flowmeter accuracy

0~500L/min Digital flowmeter,  tolerance 0.5 grade;0~500L/min

Glass rotor flowmeter,  tolerance not less than 2.5 grade;0.25~2.5m3/h

Air  Flow Display

Ø Standard  Scale display of glass rotor meter  (flow range can be adjusted)

Ø Analog quantity digital micro air flowmeter, online flow display on touch screen(flow range can be adjusted)

Air impermeability

Ø When over pressure of 1000pa, leakage is less than 10-3 x 1m3/min.

Ø Air flow difference of import and export is less than 1%;

Ø Air pressure monitoring in the chamber, micro pressure sensor of analog quantity, pressure display on the touch screen

Conditioning period

I t takes less than 40 minutes to reach temperature of 23 °, it takes less than 70 minutes to reach  humidity of 50%, and the equipment can run continuously for more than 30 days;

Formaldehyde concentration in air from empty chamber

formaldehyde concentration in air from empty operating chamber:≤0.006mg/m3;


Less than or equal to 55 decibels,there is no resonance sound between the chamber' door and the equipment's door


Spray for quick Desorption

IV. Operation video:

V.Ordering Information:




1 Emission Test Chamber

(Quick Desorption)


VI. Documents:

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