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JTX-ⅣDigital Washability Tester

Digital Washability Tester

Product Number: JTX-Ⅳ


Product Origin: China

Purchasing Heat:1552

Standard: GB/T 9266,GB/T 9780,GB/T 9750,GB/T 9756,GB/T 31410,ISO 11998,ASTM D2486,ASTM D3450

JTX Digital Washability Tester is an instrument applicable to determine the scrub resistance for architectural coating, and sometimes also to that for the surface treated by the comprehensive films, such as paints, electroplating coatings, floors, clear top coatings and woods.

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Product Details

Ⅰ. Application:

JTX Digital Washability Tester is an instrument applicable to determine the scrub resistance for architectural coating, and sometimes also to that for the surface treated by the comprehensive films, such as paints, electroplating coatings, floors, clear top coatings and woods. The machine drives the brush to move back and forth steadily and scrub the coating of the coated panel. The scrub counts can be directly read out from the counter of the machine. From the scrub counts, it may be evaluated that the scrub resistance of the coating materials are whether good or not.
The machine is in use for conducting National Standard GB9266-88, and it is a necessary instrument for the coating material manufactures and research enterprises. 


Ⅱ. Main Technical Parameters:

1.The specification of the brush: 38 x 90mm
2.The quality of the brush (including the brush): 450 ± 2g
3.Stain resistant grinding head quality(including grinding head seat) : 700g 
4.Stain resistant weight block quality: 300g / 500g (1 pieces each)
5.Reciprocating travel: 300mm
6.Reciprocating frequency: 37± 2 times /min 
7.Counter: 4 bits 
8.The size of the test plate: 430 x 150mm 
9.Motor power: 90W 
10. Power: 380V  50Hz (220V customizable) 
11.Outline size: 620 x 430 x 450 (long * width * height) 
12.Weight: 44kg 

Ⅲ. nstrument Brief Introduction:

Brush (with holder) weight 450g, frequency of reciprocating motion is 37 counts/min, its standard stroke is 300mm.
Stain resistant grinding head (including grinding head seat) is 700g heavy, reciprocating at 37cpm frequency, one-way travel is 300mm.
This machine has two ways: liquid storage cup drip (default configuration) and peristaltic pump filling (customized configuration). The liquid storage cup is used to store the washing medium. In the scrubbing test, the effluent rate should be adjusted according to the requirements of the national standard (the standard of resistance to stain test is manual rehydration). 

Ⅳ. Usage Operating Introductionn:

1.Pre immerse the brush in 30min water at 20 degrees Celsius, soak the depth of 12mm, remove the brush and press it dry, soak in the soap solution of 0.5% 10min.  
2.Put the test plate in the working disc and clamp the test plate with two sides quick clamp.
3.Put the brush into the brush holder, tighten the fastening bolts, keep the brush loose, then load it into the cross beam brush holder to confirm that the brush moves smoothly
4.The washing medium (dissolved in the distilled water in distilled water, combined with 0.5% solution, its pH value is 9.5 ~ 10, and the washing medium can also be placed in the storage tank according to the other medium specified by the product standard).
5.Switch on the power, select "language" and then enter the operation interface. The "run" and "stop" keys are used to start and stop the reciprocating movement of the brush holder. The "pump run" and "pump stop" keys are used for the start and stop of the peristaltic pump in the custom-made mode.
6.In the process of washing, we should constantly wash the medium and keep the test plate moist. The dripping acceleration should conform to the national standard GB9266, and 0.04g is added every second.
7.Parameter setting: In the parameter setting, the user can set the count value according to the requirement. Specific reference below:
(1)Select Language  


(2) function description


Function description

Setting times

Set number of Tests

Running time

Recore the number of current runs

Cumulative times

Accumulative total number or times


Clear the number of current run times

All zeroing

Clear the number of current runs and the cumulative number of times

Running instructions

When the equipment is runming the light flicker

Opent Pump

When the number fo  runs is set ,press the running button.Wheen the device is not nunning for more than 3 seconds,the overload indicator lights flicker and stop.

Stop Pump

Peristaltic pump outlet button

Stop Pump

Peristaltic pump stop button

8.10 centimeters in the middle of the observation board, there is no wear and tear phenomenon and the phenomenon of bottom out, if you want to stop (not to the preset value), point "stop" key (try to stop the brush at both ends) and stop washing. If you want to continue the washing, you only need a "run" button.
9.If it is used to test the product, only set the qualified value value, start the machine, reach the predetermined value automatic stop, check whether the test plate is out of the bottom, in order to judge whether the product is qualified. 

Ⅴ、Matters needing attention  

1.When the overload lights are flashing, please check if there is any trouble with the motor. If the temperature is low, run the brush holder again with the help of hand after running again.  
2.The motor must run clockwise (the brush stops at the side position when the machine stops), the motor runs counter clockwise (the brush stops in the middle position when the machine stops), causing noise and jitter. If counterclockwise operation occurs, the power supply must be changed into phase. 
3.Every time the data before the start is stopped, the data will not be lost.
4. After the completion of work, cleaning and maintenance should be done in time to prevent scaling and rust. 
5.The production of the test board should be in accordance with the national standard. 
6.The instrument must be kept stable on the desktop. 

Ⅵ. Operation video:

VII.Ordering Information:




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VIII. Documents:

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