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XD-41-UV1800UV-vis Spectrophotometer

UV-vis Spectrophotometer

Product Number: XD-41-UV1800


Product Origin: China

Purchasing Heat:795


XD-41-UV1800 series of accurate scanning UV-visible spectrophotometer is a reliable and precise laboratory instruments.

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Product Details

Ⅰ. Introduction:

XD-41-UV1800 series of accurate  scanning UV-visible spectrophotometer is a reliable and precise laboratory instruments, capable of photometric measurements, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, dynamic analysis, DNA \ RNA, protein testing. High performance, high quality and a variety of practical features have earned a good reputation.



Ⅱ. Function:

  • Variable bandwidth, suitable for different samples and different test requirements
  • Photometric measurements: sample can be easily measured absorbance and transmittance at the specified wavelength. Multi-wavelength pinpoint test can be simultaneously test up to 30 wavelengths 
  • Quantitative analysis: automatically build standard curve, optional one-class and zero-class linear regression, second-class and third-class curve fitting, single and double wavelength calibration and three-point method; with store standard curve to facilitate future testing
  • Qualitative Analysis: The scanning speed is adjustable, filter position can be fine-tuned, spectrum processing including scaling, smoothing, filtering, peak detection etc
  • Dynamic testing, enzyme kinetics reaction rate.
  • DNA \ RNA, protein test function: built-in specified formula to get the final result directly
  • USB data interface with online dedicated PC workstation, with more powerful function and data processing capabilities.

Ⅲ. Performance feature:

  • Standard automatic 4-position cell holder, optional seven-position or 16-position cell  holder. 
  • Light source correction mechanism, the light source will be locating the best position when self-testing each time so that it can fix the offset focus position possibly caused by vibration during the transportation and the user don’t have to debugging light source after change it. 
  • The models that pursuit of cost-effective introduced by customers, there are two configurations of host and software control. The instrument equipped with precise split beam optical system and rational design of circuit control section.
  • Built-in SCM technology and qualitative & quantitative analysis software enable XD-41-UV1800 UV-Vis spectrophotometer realize automatic control, data acquisition and processing, spectroscopy, kinetics measurement, quantitative analysis, DNA and spectral scanning etc functions.
  • XD-41-UV1800 UV-Vis spectrophotometer sample chamber with an open structural design, a variety of optional accessories suitable for different applications, such as reflection sample holder, solid sample holder, water bath and auto sampler.

Ⅳ. Main Technical Parameters:



OPeration mode

Host of PC Operating including on-line software

Wavelength range


Spectral bandwidth


Optical system

Accurate,Czerny-Turner,Grating 1200line/mm

Wavelength Accuracy

±0.1nm(656.1nm D2),±0.3nm(the whole wavelength range)

Wavelength Repeatability


Wavelength Resolution


Photometric Range

3 to 3A; 0-200%T ; -9999 to 9999C

Photometric Accuracy


Photometric Repeatability


Stray light


Baseline Flattness



±0.001A/hr @500nm,0A

Photometric noise


Derivative resolution


Date output

320×240 array graphic LCD





Ⅴ. Ordering Information:




Series Accurate  UV-vis Spectrophotometer

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