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Brief summary of labotory disolver mixer and sand mill

Clicks:991 Date:24.08.2017

Due to meet the needs of more customers, our development department has now improved our labotory disolver mixer and sand mill in all respects. Its your perfection to stir, dissolve, and disperse for liquid .Inverter brushless motor insure lower heat. The inverter adopts multi cylinder control knob, rotation speed directly shows on the screen.

Laboratory Dissolver Siries:
SFJ-400 Versatile sand-milling dispersing-agitator(550W)
SFJ-400A/500 Versatile sand-milling dispersing-agitator (500W)

Versatile sand-milling dispersing-agitator (750W)
High-speed Disperser Siries:
 GFJ-0.4A   High-speed Disperser  (550W)

High-speed Disperser(750W)

Dissolver Siries

WJ-0.5 Versatile Sand-Milling Dispersing-agitator  (500W)
WJ-2.2B High-speed Dispersing Machine(frequency conversion & explosion-proof)
WJ-2.2D High-speed Dispersing Machine (Brushless DC Electric lift)
WJ-2.2E High-speed Dispersing Machine(frequency conversion & explosion-proof)(2.2KW) 

Basket Mill Siries:

LSM-370 / LSM-550 Laboratory Basket Mill  

LSM-750  Laboratory Basket Mill  
LSM-2.2B Explosion-proof Basket Mill(2.2kw)
LSM-2.2D Pilot Plant Basket Mill(2.2KW)

Cooling water jacket cylinder is avaliable for all series. it works better on cooling temp during working.
P.S: Our newest cylinder using circular arc transition bottom, much convenient for cleaning.

The label: disolver,mixer,and,sand mill

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